Young Entrepreneurship Program

Y.E.D.S. Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) provides youth the opportunity to successfully launch their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Youth are engaged in Business Development workshops for 12 weeks where they will design business proposals that will communicate their visions for being their own Boss. 


The Business Proposal outline consists of 3 main parts which include:


1. Idea – What is your big idea?

2. Marketing - Who will be your customers?

3. Finances – How much will it cost to start a business?

Youth who complete the YEDS Entrepreneurship program will gain:


Business Management skills

Networking Experience

Financial Management

Critical Thinking

Planning and Development

Customer’s Service 

Life skills

Each youth is provided with a small startup donation and the opportunity to launch their business during Y.E.D.S. Pop-up Shop Launch Party. families, friends, and community are invited to come and support.  

Check the events calendar for upcoming classes.

Grant funded by Town of East Hartford



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